Monday, August 12, 2019

Assignment about two readings Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

About two readings - Assignment Example The east and the west communicated smoothly via the trade activities. The inland areas were rather aloof from this bonding. The sea kept the states united and the same water body washed different geographical regions with varying characteristics. 2) The Roman Empire began to weaken a sit was invaded from the north by the barbarians. Spain, Italy and Suevi were invaded by the Vandals, the Quadi and the Franks respectively. Their idea was not to destroy the civilization but to enjoy the mild climate and rich oil. The Germanic invasions did not take away the traditions of the ancient civilization of Europe though the balance of power was disrupted and the provinces began to be occupied by the Germans. The change actually occurred when the Moslems invaded the empire. The Prophet replaced the Christian Faith, Moslem law and the Arab tongue also came in practice. The Mediterranean Sea or the Roman Lake now turned into the Moslem Lake. The rest of the Europe was cut out from the Mediterranean region. (Pirenne, 25) 3) Einhard was a barbarian writer who resided at the court of the King Charles I or Chalemagne, the King of the Franks. He wrote many compositions on the King’s life and works. He praises the King in his works and shared a close bonding with him and his children. Einhard writes loosely about the King including his ways of living, his treatment of his children and family and his appearance, which marked a strong presence. He was moderate in eating and drinking. He planned he education of his children well and made good judgments. It is through the documents of Einhard that we come to get a properly detailed account of King Charles’ life. He uses whatever scanty knowledge he possesses about language and narrates the achievements of the Great King Charlemagne. (Pirenne, 38-42) 4) Einhard considered King Charles or Charlemagne a great man mainly because of the immense

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