Saturday, September 28, 2019

Jumping to an Erroneous Conclusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jumping to an Erroneous Conclusion - Essay Example However, the recruiter was very persistent in encouraging me to join the military and entailed a lot of benefits that can be gained from joining the military. The recruiter said that when I join the military, I could get the chance to travel around the world, to be a rich person, etc. Because the recruiter is smart, polite, and convincing, I have made an erroneous decision that have changed my life completely. Back then, I was an innocent and a naive senior high school student. The offer of a good life after joining the military have made me trust the recruiter. After graduation, I never really intended to join the military but because the recruiter was so persistent that he came to my house almost every day, I was convinced. In addition, I really wanted to enter college instead of joining the military but since I could not afford college at that time, I decided to join the military. The words of my recruiter instilled in my mind that when a person joins the army, one may experience the benefits of good life such as prospects of becoming rich and being able to travel around the world. When I was in the military, realization eventually crept in: that all the good things in life the recruiter had told me were not true after all. I jumped into an erroneous conclusion simply because of persistent prodding from other people. I failed to conduct a survey or interview from family members, friends, or other people from various perspectives; and neither did I analyze the situation first before arriving at a decision. However, even though the recruiter told me things that did not happen, I still continue serving the country by being an active member of the military. I never regret that I joined the military because I found it challenging and full of discipline. If one would have based on fixed-response attitude surveys, previous experiences, perceptions from others, and one’s own perception, one would have jumped into an erroneous conclusion(Stephens, Leach, Taggart, & Jones, 94).In my case, perceptions from others being inculcated into my own perceptions have made me jumped easily to an erroneous conclusion that all men who joined military will become rich.The perception I have could have influenced also other people so it is essential that a person should be cautious of inculcating it to others without prior analysis. Learning to put a clear boundary between a factual and an erroneous conclusion is deemed necessary to avoid conflicts in the future.

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