Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Essay - 11

Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness - Essay Example The paper intends to analyse the impact of globalisation and technological changes on Apple Inc. Industrial organization model and resource-based model will be used to determine how Apple Inc. can earn beyond its average returns. In addition, the paper will also assess the vision and mission statement of the company that has influenced its overall success. Moreover, each category of stakeholders will be evaluated in order to analyse its impact on the overall success achieved by Apple. Globalisation has been ever-persisting in the contemporary business scenario which has influenced the business operations of various companies. In this regard, it is considered that globalisation has impacted the products and services produced by Apple Inc. wherein it has been developing products that are quite competitive in the globalised market. Apple has adopted forceful price cutting which has reduced its gross profit margin on each product. Apple has been frequently launching new products in the market with undersized product life cycle along with developing industrial standards. Consequently, it has been revealed that globalisation has helped the company to improve its product characteristics along with making it to adopt new technologies that have resulted in product advancements and price sensitivity in its products (Apple Inc., 2013). Technological changes on the other hand have impacted the overall business operations of Apple due to which it has been developing innovative products in the market. Apple has developed a set of unique designs for its products through effective use of advanced technologies. This uniqueness has been witnessed in terms of software applications, operating systems and other services related to the products. It is worth mentioning that the competitive advantage of Apple Inc. in the global market has been highly impacted as competitors using these

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