Thursday, July 25, 2019

HCM611-0803A-01 Managing the Health Care Organization - Phase 2 Essay

HCM611-0803A-01 Managing the Health Care Organization - Phase 2 Discussion Board - Essay Example The prospective nurse should be informed about the world of opportunities available to the nurse under the regulated working environment. Further, the hospital should instil a thought in the nurse that they have a great responsibility to the society. The job of a nurse in a challenging atmosphere need not be dealing with the patient alone but the nurse has opportunities to adorn the role of an administrator or teacher. This is one job that can bring a meaningful change to the lives of people. The vacancy of nurses due to work pressure and retirement can be solved by encouraging nurses to realise the need for social work while finding job satisfaction for oneself by caring for the sick and maintaining the health of the public. The role of nurse lies in shaping and implementing policies for the health care system (Nurses launch public awareness, 2008). The successful implementation of policies and procedures can be achieved by creating a realisation among employees on the need for patient satisfaction, reduction of cost, reduction in errors and the need to exhibit high levels of efficiency. The prospective nurse should be taught about the importance of reducing cost by eradicating wastage at work. Prospective nurses should be briefed about handling the Emergency Department with ease even in the busiest of times and they should be assured of support from the hospital in dealing with the crowd by applying the methods like lean principle. This principle was actually used in the manufacturing sector but yields good results when applied to the health care system also. Lean principle gives importance to reduce waste, decrease production time, increase capacity, improve workflow and reduce cost. The hospital can ensure prospective employees about professional support from time to time to improve workflow and organisation of duty and assure them that there will be no duplication of work and unnecessary

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