Thursday, July 25, 2019

Human Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Human Sexuality - Essay Example Others are confident that homosexuality contradicts the basic laws of nature. However, more often, such misunderstanding is due to the lack of scientific knowledge and theories regarding the development of sexual orientation in humans. The findings of contemporary research in human sexuality are at least controversial. Whether the orientation is the product of genetic of social influences is difficult to define: the current scientific knowledge does not provide an answer to this question. However, based on everything that has been written and said about the issue under consideration so far, the development of sexual orientation is a complex process that combines the features of genetic and social influences. Contemporary science treats sexual orientation as one of the most popular topics of scholarly research, and the issue of human sexuality is often reconsidered from the different philosophic viewpoints. Today, essentialism and social constructivism are fairly regarded as the two principal perspectives in the analysis of sexual orientation development. If we turn to essentialism, we will find out that the orientation, as well as sexuality, in general, as rooted in intrinsic, biological processes. Put simply, sexual orientation, including homosexuality, is the critical feature of the human nature and is an essential element of the human genetic structure. In their philosophic arguments, essentialists primarily apply to the principles of the evolutionary theory, and claim that â€Å"both human sexuality and sexual orientation are coded in human genes; essentialists also claim that throughout the human history, genes promoted reproduction and survival of humans†.

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